Safe Surfing Currumbin Alley

As the result of a fatality at the Alley in 2011 when a surfer was struck by a boat, plus other numerous near misses over the years. Surfrider Foundation has developed a Code of Conduct aimed at making surfing safer at the Alley. The guidelines are a concise, common sense approach for all surfers – locals and visitors – of all skill levels which if applied should help make sessions at the Alley a safer and more enjoyable experience.


Surfrider will continue to work with the Gold Cost Waterway Authority and other surfing stakeholders to refine and agree on the final guidelines for a Surfing Code of Conduct.

Draft Currumbin Alley Safe Surfing Code of Conduct

Before you even paddle out: 

  • Be aware of the overall sea conditions – such as tide, swell size, drift, visibility
  • Be extra vigilant at times of low visibility; eg. dawn/dusk, cloudy conditions, large swell, when raining
  • Consider wearing something with bright colours, such as a rashvest, or even a LED light or glow stick in poor light
  • Look for and note the main bar crossing channel where boats are likely to travel in or out; if in doubt ask a local or lifeguard

When you’re in the water:

  • Be fully aware of other surf craft; especially those bigger than you like boats & stand up paddle boards
  • Be extra careful when entering the channel which boats are likely to use; generally the longer you ride the more exposed you become
  • Make yourself as visible as possible when boats are in your area; if necessary sit up on your board, wave your arms & shout
  • NEVER assume a boat has seen you
  • When all else fails bail; ditch your board and dive for the bottom


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