What’s this survey about?

This survey aims to consider what it will take for our organisation to drive a powerful coastal & marine conservation movement that will fundamentally transform the way surfers and ocean users protect, respect and are connected to our ocean, waves and beaches.

This survey hopes to;

  1. Develop a snapshot of the situation in which Surfrider currently operates; Surfrider’s contribution to coastal and marine conservation and to shifting community attitudes, behaviours and values to one of action, as well as the factors that weaken our efforts.
  2. Analyse the state of our movement and reflect on successes, failures and lessons learned.
  3. Identify some strategic interventions that would improve the effectiveness of our movement in achieving our shared goals and vision over the next three to five years.

The outcomes of the project will be used to understand how all of Surfrider’s local branches’ actions and efforts can best work for maximum collective impact. Surfrider has a long history of both local and international successes, and Surfrider Australia has been on an incredible journey of high’s and low’s since its inception! A few of our highly experienced Board members are about to finish their term, who have contributed greatly by gifting Surfrider with its current strengths and stability, and now it’s time to build upon such legacy and the strengths of our current and past members and supporters all around the country. The hope is to get a clearer picture of critical steps needed to create a longer-term strategy to help build our organisation, and our movement.

Where does this survey come from and who’s driving it?

The survey comes from the Surfrider’s Operations Manager and members of the National Board who have previously founded and run local branches and are passionate about ensuring a positive, productive and effective future for Surfrider and for the health of our coastal & marine environments.

Your input:

The Surfrider Foundation Australia is made up of diverse efforts from the occasional grassroots volunteer to committed branch leaders to the suite of skills and experience that make up our Board. It is the intention of this survey to engage as many people and perspective as possible to ensure strategic input and buy-in from all aspects of our organisation and our movement. Please share it far and wide with all that you know of that are involved and contribute to our organisation and movement.

Further to this survey, we’re interested in hearing as many views as possible in on-on-one conversations particularly to give people an opportunity to step back from the immediate day-to-day challenges and reflect on the bigger picture direction for our movement. There will also be opportunities to input further over the weekend of the National Gathering (October 10-11th) in various workshops - click here for information on how to attend our National Gathering. 

This survey has no published questions.

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