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The iconic beach break, The Other Side (TOS) at South Stradbroke Island on Queensland's Gold Coast, is threatened by a proposed development of a cruise ship terminal. TOS is what it is thanks to an offshore canyon, channeling in swells across the delta of the Nerang river mouth where they peak up, before exploding onto an inner bar that is keep topped up by the seaway sand bypass. Its the combination of all of these factors that turn on the show that is TOS and make it a wave that has to be surfed. 

TOS is on an island which is accessed from 'The Spit', the last remaining large parcel of coastal public open space on the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate in partnership with the Queensland State Government have put the Spit up for sale to be developed into a cruise ship terminal. This is not the first time that a cruise ship terminal has been proposed for the site, back in 2005 a massive community protest forced the state government to put off their plans but now they are back and bigger than ever. 

For TOS surfers the development of a cruise ship terminal at The Spit will restrict access across the seaway and risks negative impacts on the wave as a result of changes to coastal processes from dredging. In 2005 the value of surfing at TOS was estimated at $20 million per year to the local economy. 



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