Cash for Containers Scheme

When was the last time you went for a surf and didn’t see any rubbish?...the 1970’s!


Queensland is the most littered state in Australia with plastic bottles and plastic packaging representing the bulk of that litter.



The rising tide of plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans is causing increasing worldwide concern. The CSIRO has recently completed a survey which found that “three quarters of the rubbish along Australia’s coast is plastic”. Plastic debris is dangerous to the environment because it breaks up into small particles and enters the marine and human food chain. 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are floating in the world's oceans and killing hundreds of thousands of marine animals every year.


A Cash for Containers scheme that applies refundable deposits on all beverage containers is the proven approach to reducing beverage container litter with schemes operating in over 40 jurisdictions around the world.


Quality lobbying saw the now Queensland government taking a container deposit scheme to the election, which they won and so are now keen to deliver. State Environment Minister Steven Miles is seeking support from the community to bring the legislation to parliament & have it all in place by 2017. The Minister wants to hear from you and has set up his own survey at so please Have Your Say.


The Total Environment Centre formed the Boomerang Alliance, made up of supporting organisations, and held a Summit to discuss the latest developments and solutions. Boomerang Alliance presented a model for a container deposit scheme in Queensland which will benefit the economy and the environment.


Here on the Gold Coast we will be contacting all organisations, not just the environment movement, for them to show their support for such a scheme and an eventual ban on plastic bags also.


What can you do? Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt is about to review our national marine debris plan - a plan that doesn’t currently include packaging as a high priority threat to Australia’s marine life. So head over here and sign the petition at

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