Litter art by two young ladies

Chris & Shienna


Shienna Abe and Sofia Delmastro approached Surfrider Foundation Gold Coast/Tweed Branch to seek our permission to donate a piece of artwork from a school based volunteering program as year 11 students from Queensland Academies for Health Sciences. They have a passion for environmental conservation and living a waste-free life.


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Pacha Light takes on role as surfing ambassador

pacha_certificate_preso.jpgOne of the Gold Coast’s most exciting junior surfers, Pacha Light, has accepted an offer to become Surfrider Foundation Gold Coast Tweed branch’s surfing ambassador.


The honorary role recognises Pacha’s love of the Gold Coast surfing and coastal environment, and her ‘have-a-go’ attitude. This passion was highlighted by Pacha’s idea to promote the Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve campaign, an issue Surfrider Foundation has also be committed to. Last year Pacha and some friends paddled from Snapper Rocks to Currumbin Alley to promote the concept of a World Surfing Reserve for the Gold Coast, which was later approved by council.


Being a Surfrider Foundation ambassador will provide Pacha with the opportunity to represent one of the world’s highest profile and most respected environmental surfing organisations.

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Another cruise ship terminal proposal floated

tom-tate-spit-terminal-plan-001.jpgSurfrider Foundation Gold Coast Tweed is alarmed to hear of a new proposal for a cruise ship terminal on the Gold Coast, this time offshore. Although details are scant at this stage, the proposed project design is based on a long pier jetty sticking out from the beach at the Spit joined to some sort of north-south running breakwater structure.

While such a breakwater would be required to provide shelter to visiting ships, it would inevitably affect the swell getting into the Spit area and possibly TOS at South Straddie. While not as famous as the world-renowned TOS just over the Seaway, the Spit is one of the few breaks on the Gold Coast that is not completely knocked out when there are northerly winds blowing.

As well as the probable negative effects to the existing surf quality, Surfrider GCT is also concerned about the cruise ship terminal’s potential impacts in regard to north-south sand movement, ocean pollution, and the surrounding marine ecology (eg. whales). We await more information from Mayor Tom Tate, who introduced the proposal, and the Gold Coast City Council to address these concerns.

Patagonia expanding bio-rubber wetsuit range

yulex_wettie.jpgPatagonia plans to launch its new range of Yulex, bio-rubber wetsuits in Australia next March, meaning you could be in a neoprene-free steamer just in time for autumn and winter next year.

Yulex is a plant-based material that will replace the need for petroleum-based neoprene, which is the traditional material for wetsuits.  

Photo: The invisible man models one of Patagonia's bio-rubber wetties

Patagonia has had a limited range of Yulex-blended wetsuits available since 2013, but now plans to expand its range from two to 21 wetsuits for men, women and kids – none of them containing neoprene.

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Gold Coast approved as the 8th World Surfing Reserve

The Gold Coast has been named the World’s 8th Surfing Reserve at the four day Global Wave Conference held on the 15th of October. The conference was held at the House of Commons, in London, U.K, and attended by leading international surf and environment academics. A committee of seventeen experts from the Save the Wave Coalition announced the Gold Coast the winner at the conference.

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International Coastal Clean Up Day – Lacey’s Lane

Surfrider Foundation and BeachCare will be at Lacey’s Lane this Saturday for International Coastal Clean Up Day! We will be continuing the great work in the dunes which has seen their health improve rapidly.


jordyn_watering.JPGActivities are suitable for all ages and fitness levels, everyone is welcome!


Saturday 19th September

Lacey's Lane, Palm Beach



IMPORTANT! Please bring a bottle of water, wear enclosed shoes and sun-smart clothing. We will provide all equipment and even some refreshments afterwards!

ecoFins: performance fins made from ocean waste

5_oceans_ecoFin.pngMaking surfboard fins from plastic recycled from the ocean - what a winner that is! Come and find out how two passionate young German innovators, Felix Wunner and Luise Grossmann, went about creating their ecoFin vision in a documentary screening at the Sunhouse at 39 - 41 McLean St, Coolangatta this Sunday 16th starting at 4pm. Surfrider will have a stall there, there’ll be live music, plus some of the first available ecoFins will be raffled. EcoFins are the first sustainable, performance surfboard fin made from recycled ocean waste. Now the scalable production process is ready to be launched. 

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Queensland the ‘rubbish state’

When was the last time you went for a surf and didn’t see any rubbish?...the 1970’s!


cashforcontainersbanner.jpgQueensland is the most littered state in Australia with plastic bottles and plastic packaging representing the bulk of that litter.


The rising tide of plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans is causing increasing worldwide concern. The CSIRO has recently completed a survey which found that “three quarters of the rubbish along Australia’s coast is plastic”. Plastic debris is dangerous to the environment because it breaks up into small particles and enters the marine and human food chain. 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are floating in the world's oceans and killing hundreds of thousands of marine animals every year.

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Coastal Management Tedx Talk

Listen to this passionate Tedx speech about coastal management from Dan Ware, Surfrider Australia national board director and Gold Coast-Tweed branch committee member and Coastal Management Advisor...

When we talk of Australia's coastal environments there are two facts that seem to exist in contradiction of each other; the first is that Australians love the coast, the second is that Australia's coastal environment is in serious decline and the future is looking increasingly bleak.


The complete lack of action by State and Federal Governments to enact meaningful reforms to address the degradation of coastal environments represents a struggle between differing views of the coast – Our governments seek to have us live in fear of the coast, sharks, erosion, cyclones whatever it is our fear of the coast gives them authority to 'keep us safe'. Science in seeking to solve coastal development dilemmas has applied a paradigm of singular truth to a social system where multiple truths. The idea that there can be a single truth, an answer empowers 'experts' and dis-empowers those with informal knowledge as being irrational, allowing local communities to be excluded from decisions 'too complex' for them to comprehend.


The alternative of course is Love, something that both governments and science are unable to comprehend but which offers unlimited potential to redirect our relationship with the coast.

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Cash for Containers scheme in Queensland a step closer

As a member of the Boomerang Alliance, Surfrider Foundation welcomes the recent announcement that the state government will investigate a container deposit scheme for Queensland, as well as possible restrictions on single-use plastic bags. 


This is a first step towards the development of a scheme and meets an election promise by the government. The move also allows the state to collaborate with NSW who plan to introduce a container deposit scheme in mid-2017.

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