Litter art by two young ladies

Chris & Shienna


Shienna Abe and Sofia Delmastro approached Surfrider Foundation Gold Coast/Tweed Branch to seek our permission to donate a piece of artwork from a school based volunteering program as year 11 students from Queensland Academies for Health Sciences. They have a passion for environmental conservation and living a waste-free life.


Shienna and Sofia heard about Surfrider Foundation's amazing work, and it inspired them greatly in getting themselves involved in the global problem of ocean pollution. They chose Burleigh beach to do cleanups during the summer holidays and collected rubbish to raise awareness for the global issues of plastic pollution and its effect on waterways. They then created the piece of artwork with the collected rubbish.

The artwork incorporated pieces of litter that could be used. Litter that could not be used, such as organic waste and cigarette butts and other items that could not fit were disposed of ethically.

Thank you Shienna and Sofia for choosing Surfrider Foundation Australia and helping to spread the word of global plastic pollution. We will proudly display their piece of artwork in our office.

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