ecoFins: performance fins made from ocean waste

5_oceans_ecoFin.pngMaking surfboard fins from plastic recycled from the ocean - what a winner that is! Come and find out how two passionate young German innovators, Felix Wunner and Luise Grossmann, went about creating their ecoFin vision in a documentary screening at the Sunhouse at 39 - 41 McLean St, Coolangatta this Sunday 16th starting at 4pm. Surfrider will have a stall there, there’ll be live music, plus some of the first available ecoFins will be raffled. EcoFins are the first sustainable, performance surfboard fin made from recycled ocean waste. Now the scalable production process is ready to be launched. 

Felix Wunner, ocean enthusiast and product engineer, and Luise Grossmann, passionate surfer and business professional, teamed up to realise their vision: Is it possible to make something out of all the plastic that floats in our oceans? The documentary is narrated by surfing legend and Bali pioneer Rusty Miller, who it's claimed was first to surf Uluwatu in 1971. On their journey they not only discover the value chain of plastic recycling in Indonesia, they also address questions like the individual’s responsibility towards nature and future generations. In the end they reach their goal and proudly present a surfboard fin in the high performance range made of an eco-composite combining Polypropylene and glass fibre.

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