Coastal Management Tedx Talk

Listen to this passionate Tedx speech about coastal management from Dan Ware, Surfrider Australia national board director and Gold Coast-Tweed branch committee member and Coastal Management Advisor...

When we talk of Australia's coastal environments there are two facts that seem to exist in contradiction of each other; the first is that Australians love the coast, the second is that Australia's coastal environment is in serious decline and the future is looking increasingly bleak.


The complete lack of action by State and Federal Governments to enact meaningful reforms to address the degradation of coastal environments represents a struggle between differing views of the coast – Our governments seek to have us live in fear of the coast, sharks, erosion, cyclones whatever it is our fear of the coast gives them authority to 'keep us safe'. Science in seeking to solve coastal development dilemmas has applied a paradigm of singular truth to a social system where multiple truths. The idea that there can be a single truth, an answer empowers 'experts' and dis-empowers those with informal knowledge as being irrational, allowing local communities to be excluded from decisions 'too complex' for them to comprehend.


The alternative of course is Love, something that both governments and science are unable to comprehend but which offers unlimited potential to redirect our relationship with the coast.



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